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At Operation Higher Vibrations, we believe that healing is not just exclusive to the physical body, but also includes the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves. ​​As a certified holistic healer in several modalities, my path is not only to assist others emotionally,spiritually and physically, but to empower others to self-heal, so we as a collective consciousness fulfill our universal right to live in a joyful, abundant, and healthy human experience.​

Love and Light,

Meredith McDonough

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I've been coming to Meredith for hypnosis / hypnotherapy now for the better part of a year, so I felt it was time to write an update on my progress. Initially, I asked Meredith to help me deal with ...
David - Bethesda, MD
Meredith McDonough at Vital has made a believer out of me. I came to her for hypnosis because I was experiencing nearly a month of incessant muscle twitching in my eyelid and arm. My physician ...
David - Bethesda, MD
I saw Meredith after coming back from Afghanistan. I had developed anxious responses to previously banal situations, such as crowds and even one on one interactions. I had never tried hypnotherapy, ...
Gary K. - Washington, DC
I had a wonderful Quantum Energy Healing by Meredith McDonough over the phone. She intuitively pinpointed every current and ancient issue in my body, gave them light and energy, and left me feeling ...
Linda - Ohio
Meredith's reading was personal and professional. Her insight into the challenges in my life was amazing and extremely helpful. During my reading Meredith gave me several suggestions to help me see ...
Carisa - Colorado
Before going to Meredith, I had never been exposed to hypnosis, and quite frankly had no desire to. I like to "be in control". Meredith quickly made me feel at ease. She explained in detail what was ...
Meghan - Alexandria, Virginia
Meredith did my reading through the phone and she was simply amazing.  She mentioned my deceased father whom I dreamed about just a couple of days ago.  She also read about my home improvement ...
Evelyn - Washington, DC
Thanks a lot for the Quantum Energy session you did with me by phone yesterday.  It is a very strong gentle healing energy. You helped resolve some issues from past-lives and in my present life that ...
Ernest G. - Ohio
I've seen Meredith for 2 different services, and she was very pleasant and friendly for both.  I originally went to her for pre natal hypnosis, I was really scared and nervous about delivering ...
Jamie C, Burke Va
Meredith was extremely professional the duration of her reading. Having never had one before, I was surprised at how efficiently she explained the process and put me at ease, before delving right ...
Marissa - Reston, Virginia

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Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation where the power of the sub-conscious mind can help you achieve your goals. This deeply relaxed state is achieved by using guided visual imagery.

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Regression Hypnosis

Traditional Regression hypnosis focuses on revisiting one's own past memories; recovering repressed memories, or revisiting pleasant ones. Regression hypnosis can also help you remember something you've forgotten, even seemingly minor details.

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Reiki/Energy Healing

Reiki is a powerful yet simple touch healing method that applies a "laying on hands" technique to promote healing, relaxation and stress reduction. However, it  can be done with or without touch. Reiki is based on the philosophy that a limitless, universal life force energy is the source of all life. This life force energy flows within us, creates our bodies and determines our state of health.

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